The Warrior's Code


They must protect this country at all cost.

Even their own happiness...


Two Parts Wild, One Part SEAL

A once in a lifetime meeting.  A desire they couldn’t fight.  Lana Ecklund, a photojournalist and Ryan “Hammer” Buchanan, a former Navy SEAL now CIA operative with the elite and deep cover Shaddox Unit, never thought they’d cross paths again.  But life has other plans.  Now with information that a ruthless terrorist and the CIA want, Lana is in a race for her life and Hammer is the only one who can keep her safe.  In order to survive, Lana must trust Hammer, but Hammer is keeping a very important truth from her--who he works for now.  Spanning the historic beauty of Charleston and the white sands of Virginia Beach, Lana and Hammer embark on a love that has the potential to heal their wounds or deepen the pain beyond repair.

Signed, SEALed, and Anchored

Love and loss go hand in hand for antique dealer, Natasha Pilav but sparks ignite when she meets ex-Navy SEAL Nick “Hollywood” Mackinnon.  Hollywood is an operative for Shaddox Unit of the CIA—a unit no one knows exists.  Back in Virginia Beach from an extended stay in Russia, Natasha appears to be an American born, soviet spy and in line to take over the Pilav legacy.  Hollywood is determined to make her the means to her father’s end.  Natasha begins to believe in fairy tales made in Hollywood.  Forced to work together, Hollywood and Natasha explore a love truer than either of them have experienced or welcomed.  But will it be enough to defeat her powerful family or lose in this game of love.


Trouble with a Capital S.E.A.L.
An old flame that never went out and an urgent assignment has Savannah Wheatley, a CIA operative of Shaddox Unit, caught between business and pleasure.  Tasked with recruiting Navy SEAL, Logan “Trub” Daniels to find a missing foreign diplomat, they must put their tumultuous past behind them and work side by side.  Amidst this global threat, Logan and Savannah are confronted with a passion that still burns.  Thrown into a perilous ruse spanning from the desert sands of Egypt to the military mecca of Virginia Beach the two are forced to rely on only one another.  Will they finally give in to a love that has endured a decade or walk away forever.  



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